Partners in Crime 





Sweet and dangerous 

The one and only Vicky Basno 


Imagine the best dessert you can ever have, the type you just want to have more and more of. Now I have a partner in crime who is just like that. 

She is refreshing and soft just like vanilla ice cream, you want to lick her until there is nothing left of her. 

she has long dark ahir, her lips are plum and her eyes are warm and friendly.

She is type of girl which melt your heart with her sweet attitude, that`s why I like to be with her. 

she has great personality too, she is experienced and a great chat partner. 


Once you enter to the room with her she is turning into a wild cat and she will make sure that there wont be a dull moment during your time with her.

Therefore If you would like to  have a sweet 3 some with us please let me or her know. 




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Still not quiet convinced? - No worries! I have something for your hungry eyes ;)



I see you are still looking for something extra to see if we are going to fit togther. 

I am using various online platforms to give you an example of my personality, interest and of course my love language If you know what I mean


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